Michel McNabb Sterling Silver Free Jumping Horse Pendant Necklace

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We are proud to offer this beautiful collection of equestrian inspired jewelry, hand crafted by the talented artist Michel McNabb. Each piece is signed, and made from a mold Michel painstakingly carves in wax. The perfect gift for that special horse lover in your life, or a timeless adornement to round out your personal collection.
| Misty 26-11-2018 21:26

I had the pleasure of meeting Michel McNabb at Rolex a few years ago. Michel is a true artist. While her talents go far beyond equine-themed jewelry, I know the equestrian collection holds a special place in her heart. I love that I can wear jewelry that has been hand crafted in the US by a fellow equestrian. Each piece is hand signed, and I feel like Michel made it just for me.

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